quiescent (tielan) wrote in jtdialog,

current projects

What are your current J/T projects - if you have any on the boil?
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10_passions. Done 2, have 8 to go using specific themes such as 'secret encounter' and 'addicted to your touch'. I keep getting distracted by other things though, like porn battles and drabble trees. I end up using the ideas that I would have used for 10_passions - like The Mind's Eye would have been perfect for 'addicted to your touch' but I ended up using it for the porn battle a couple of months ago. I'm struggling trying to come up with new ideas for the somewhat cliched themes at the moment.
Just signed up for 100songs and I already have songs in mind. BUT... since it's supposed to be a challenge I'd like to ask you guys for help. Go to , look at the board, choose a song and get fic. You have to choose, so I can't back out, or change if it gets too difficult.

Pwetty, pwetty please.

Keep in mind I just posted the beginning of a somewhat long "What if the Return II hadn't happened"fic so... I just need you to choose a song so the ideas will have time to mature in my head... Thanks!
Writing a continuation of "John Sheppard's Guide..." in Teyla's POV. It's actually going to turn into a multi-chaptered affair with humor and angst abundant if I ever get it written.

I also need to finish up some one-shots and start at the twelve dozen ideas rolling around in my head.
I'm working on a completely ridiculous story where John shows Teyla around Earth; he takes her to Aviation Nation, which is a USAF airshow, that he ends up flying in.

It's completely self-serving, in that I think pilots, planes and John/Joe are hot. I'm probably the only person that's going to be interested in it.

Basically, I'm working on the theme of John teaching Teyla about Earth, and then I'm going to switch, and have Teyla teach John about Athos.