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Interesting Joe Mallozzi Blog Post

Found this when I was surfing the GateWorld forums - from executive producer Joe Mallozzi's blog:

Anonymous #6 writes: “I was wondering if you'll be continuing showing the progression of Sheppard's and Teyla's relationship as you have been from season 3 into season 4?”

Answer: Oh, we’ll be continuing to show the progression of everyone’s relationship.

Le sigh. 

Why can't the just give us a straight answer already?
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Why can't the just give us a straight answer already?

Because they're evil? ;)

Actually Joe just likes jerking people's chains. He's an equal opportunity chain-jerker.
What Alli said.

And because Stargate will never do explicitly shippy. They'll hint and hint and prevaricate and suggest, but outright shippiness is off the books.

However, I think we can safely say that even if the JT interaction isn't as full-on as it could be, we get some nice moments in the show.

It's up to us to write the rest of it! ;)